Become an Agent

We are passionate about supplying our communities with a safe disinfecting and sanitising range of products that are eco-friendly and affordable to all.  We are committed to creating opportunities for people who share our passion to become agents of the SafeSpray range.

By joint collaboration, reliability from both parties, a competitive product, marketing support and providing a digital platform to facilitate ease of purchasing, we are excited to engage with like-minded individuals.  We fundamentally believe that our agents are of great value to the success of SafeSpray and that strong agent relationship will result in a profitable and rewarding business  for both parties.

The success of your business as an agent will primarily depend upon taking advantage of your existing and potential networks and marketing flair.

While the focus of disinfecting and sanitising our environment and ourselves has been highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we fundamentally believe in the sustainability of our product offering for the following reasons:

    • environmental reasons – our eco-friendly products ensures a sustainable offering using refillable containers and a product at an affordable price
    • businesses and consumers are going to be more aware of keeping their environments free from dangerous pathogens beyond the pandemic – we believe there will be a permanent shift in people’s attitudes towards keeping safe!
    • safety reasons – there is little logic to having our loved ones and pets exposed to toxic products in our homes, when there is an affordable product range that can be used around and even on our loved ones, which is even more effective than these toxic products!
    • our business model relies upon the on-going monthly purchases of SafeSpray to continue the effective use by our applicators. Agents will benefit from on-going purchases from their existing customer base.

We look forward to discussing our agent opportunity with you!



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