Electric ULV cold fogger (5 litre)


Electric ULV cold fogger (5 litre)

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Our recommended ULV cold fogger is highly effective in the microbial disinfection of surfaces when used with a SafeSpray™ solution.  Fogging creates a small aerosol mist to effectively disinfect an area.

Our fogger, when used with SafeSpray™ in the recommended dilution, is safe, efficient and very economical.  It can be used in a variety of indoor applications such as hospitals, schools, homes, hotels, resorts, greenhouses, food processing plants, warehouses, dairy and poultry farms and horse stables. Since SafeSpray™ has no harmful chemicals, it has no expected effects on either humans or animals.


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SafeSpray™ is a chemical free disinfectant, and can therefore be atomised and fogged into large areas for controlling the spread of virus and bacteria. Our fogger’s ability to make smaller particles may help the SafeSpray™ solution’s molecules to be suspended in the air for a longer period because of their low settling velocity rate. This may increase the solution’s chance of coming into contact with pathogens and inactivating them.

The benefits from misting or fogging SafeSpray™ in an area are:

    • Disinfection of surfaces on a continual basis.
    • Disinfection of air particles.
    • Reduction of dust particles.
    • An evaporative cooling effect by adding moisture to the air and cooling it; a draft is created cooling the area.

Recommended for Fogging: Under normal conditions, we suggest a SafeSpray™ dilution of 1:6 to 1:9 with water is to achieve  50 to 80 ppm.  SafeSpray™  with  up to 250 ppm can be used in situations where there is a higher risk scenario, hence the dilution ratio is 1:1 is recommended.

Recommended Spray rate: A 30 minute fogging at a rate of 4-8 liters per hour is recommended.  Based on this recommendation, one may require several foggers for very large areas.  The fogger used should have an aerosol size less than 20 μm.  SafeSpray’s recommended fogger can adjust droplet sizes from 5 to 40 μm.

Systems that use heated element are not recommended for use with SafeSpray™.


      • strong air supply, rapid diffusion, stable atomisation
      • low sound, reducing work noise, silently moisturising
      • the capacity of 5 five litres
      • the material is hard, using engineering materials to extend service life
      • anti-fall and wear-resistant to cater for a large amount of fog,
      • high power motor, super speed sprayer
      • quick spraying, solution and labor saving
      • rotating spraying, without any blocking
      • patented technology adopted to prevent the solution from flowing back after power off
      • adjustable spray volume 0 – 300ml per minute
      • adjustable droplet sizes: 5 to 40 μm
      • range: 3-8 meters


Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 45 cm


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