Mini USB humidifier with 500 ml bottle SafeAir

Mini USB humidifier with 500 ml bottle SafeAir


This ultrasonic humidifier with creative colourful star projector lights is perfect to quickly adjust the air humidity and help sanitise vehicles or small offices/ rooms!


      • Whisper-quiet  operation won’t interfere with your sleep
      • 180 ml reservoir
      • 1:9 (1 part SafeAir™: 9 parts cooled boiled water) resulting in c.50 ppm
      • therefore c.20 ml SafeAir™: 160 ml cooled boiled water to fill up reservoir
      •  C.25 refills per 500 ml bottle (effective cost less than R 2.50 per refill based upon 500ml refill bottle cost)
      • beautiful lighting which can be set to change or have a single colour
      • 2 different spray modes  – continuous flow and intermittent spray puffs!
      • Each refill lasts c.5 hours assuming continuous flow



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This fabulous accessory deodorises and disinfects your car while out and about. Picking up kids from school, lifting friends, transporting staff, heading out on a road trip….plug this mini air humidifier into your USB for immediate results. Eliminate odour-causing bacteria instead of masking smells with artificial scents. Carry your USB portable humidifier with you to any destination where you are going to be confined to a small closed area – treatment rooms, consulting rooms, doctors rooms, or small offices.  Just simply plug into a USB point and disinfect!

Comes with USB cable to plug into any USB point.


      • Helps fight bad odours.
      • Disinfects small areas
      • Adds moisture to the air

Important information:

      • only use with cooled boiled water or distilled water to avoid blocking in your USB humidifier
      • do not add any other oil or substance to your USB humidifier – this will result in SafeAir™ not being effective!
      • do not allow the USB humidifier to run dry – it will damage the unit! There is a window on the side which shows how much liquid is left
      • do not exceed recommended amount of 20ml SafeAir™ per refill ! This will damage the unit
      • do not leave liquid in the reservoir when not using for a long time

What’s in the box:

      • 1 x USB humidifier
      • 1 x USB cable
      • 1 x 500 ml SafeAir™
      • Instruction booklet
Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 15 cm


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