SafeAir 500ml bottle with cap lid

SafeAir refill

SafeAir 500ml bottle with cap lid


Keep this 500ml SafeAir bottle near to your humidifier so that it makes replenishing your cool humidifier easy to do by simply pouring in the required amount!

Add SafeAir to your USB mini or large cool mist humidifier in the recommended dilution and place in any small- to medium-size room to help kill viruses, bacteria, fungus and mould.

SafeAir is formulated using HOCl that deodorises, disinfects and removes odours.


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SafeAir 500ml bottle with cap lid enables a quick and simple refill of your humidifier.

We recommend a dilution of 1:9 (1 part SafeAir : 9 cooled boiled water) resulting in 50ppm, for your mini USB humidifier.

We recommend a dilution from  1:9 (1 part SafeAir : 11 tap water) resulting in 50 ppm up to 1:1 resulting in 250 ppm for use in your ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier, depending of the size of the space you wish to sanitise, how rapidly you wish to sanitise and how densely populated the area is that you wish to sanitise. SafeAir is safe for this entire range of dilutions!

Features of SafeAir:

      • SafeAir is an effective sanitiser for use in your cool humifidier
      • 500 ppm HOCl before dilution
      • Alcohol free
      • Bactericidal
      • Germicidal
      • No harmful chemicals
      • Safe to use in all cool humidifiers
      • Safe to use around animals, children and the elderly
Weight .50 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 21 cm


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