Stay Safe

Stay Safe with SafeSpray

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way in which humans live, travel, work and socialise. It has changed the way we think about keeping our homes, families, and communities safe. It has placed a spotlight on the products that we use to prevent infection. The need for a natural simple to use sanitiser and disinfectant is greater than ever.

The SafeSpray range of products were borne out of the desire to provide a safe and affordable solution to all your disinfecting needs.  After much research, one product stood head and shoulders above the rest – HOCl.

The incredible benefit of HOCl is that a single product has so many uses – its hard to believe that the same product that is used to heal wounds can kill dangerous airborne pathogens and be used to disinfect food without any rinsing!

During the pandemic, having a single product that protects your entire family, including your pets, as well as your environment without any harmful side effects is an easy solution to a very complex world-wide problem.

We have combined this incredibly effective liquid with convenient and innovative solutions for applying SafeSpray in your daily lives.  From 100 ml mist spray pumps which are easy to carry on your person, and can be used on your hands, face, mask and clothing to humidifiers for your car, home and office to foggers that can disinfect all industrial, commercial or retail facilities.

SafeSpray is suitable for people of all ages and pets. It is 100% vegan, it has no side effects, leaves no residue, and omits no harmful fumes. SafeSpray is therefore highly effective in reducing the transmission of dangerous germs between people.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), when used correctly, provides excellent barriers against COVID-19, but contamination remains an issue. SafeSpray can easily be applied to all PPE as well as the face and hands via a convenient spray bottle which provides protection when you are unable to wash or shower during the day!