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Sanitise hands, humidify / fog classrooms, spray equipment, wipe desks ….

Sterilise equipment, disinfect floors / rooms, fog facilities, disinfect wounds ….

Humidify/fog bedrooms, deodorise linen, disinfect beds and equipment, protect people….

Prevent spread of pathogens… ┬ásanitise hands on entry, humidify/fog offices, disinfect surfaces

Disinfect kitchens, all equipment and fabrics, fog / humidify indoors….

Fog facilities, sanitise hands, mop floors, wipe equipment, deodorise uniforms, protect staff ….

Disinfect salons, gym equipment, floors, humidify treatment rooms, protect clients and staff …

Sanitise produce and raw meats, water sanitation, foot baths, disinfect equipment and fog facilities ….

Be confident to open safely ….sanitise hands on entry, humidify shops, wipe down cashier equipment, disinfect clothes, equipment and stock….