What is SafeSpray

Multiuse • Effective • Non-toxic

SafeSpray HOCl is a rapid, organic and effective hand sanitising / disinfecting liquid that we supply in a 500ppm concentrate.  This makes it an affordable solution for all your disinfecting needs as in some cases it can be diluted down with water by up to 10 times – 50ppm and still be effective! It is important to always keep your SafeSpray liquid stored out of sunlight, preferably in a cool dark room. Never mix SafeSpray with any other products, except when diluting with water as indicated for the required application. Discard SafeSpray after the expiry date has been reached or 6 months after opening.

SafeSpray has a slight dissipating chlorine/ozone like odour which could remind users of a spa experience or being at the ocean!

SafeSpray is bottled in many sizes and supplied with functional appliances to facilitate effective and convenient application of the liquid. Use SafeSpray :

      • On your hands frequently with no harmful effects
      • On all hard, non-porous surfaces including, counters, equipment and all types of flooring: wood, laminate, porcelain, tiles and carpets
      • To sanitise all high touch areas
      • On PPE, clothing, uniforms, masks and footwear
      • On all personal items such as iPads, phones and bags
      • To disinfect all cleaning equipment like mops, brooms, and cloths
      • To deodorise linen and clothing
      • To reduce airborne pathogens with cold humidifiers
      • To eliminate all known pathogens with cold foggers in larger areas (no bleach, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol-based product is safe for this application)
      • For an emergency decontamination program – when applied using an electrostatic fogger/mister, the droplets will be far-reaching and penetrate cracks and hard to reach places, providing for overall surface decontamination (no bleach, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol-based product is safe for this application)

Disinfect • Sanitise • Sterilise